Last update: 05/09/2016

Caisse Solidaire

The Caisse Solidaire was created in October 1997.

Located in a region steeped in industrial tradition, its vocation is to finance the projects of people setting up very small businesses with limited access to obtain credit, as well as any creator of innovative projects which generate employment in the organisations sector.

On a more general level, the Caisse Solidaire’s vocation is to finance any project that falls within the domain of solidarity-based economy.

Its resources are provided by solidarity savers who accept a reduced return on their money.

The Caisse Solidaire offers two investment options:
- a Solidarity Savings Account of a 2-year duration at a rate of 2% to 0%
- a Solidarity Savings Book, liquid savings, at a rate of 1% or 0%

Caisse Solidaire 

15, rue de la Poste 59100 Roubaix - France
Tel: 03 20 81 99 70
Fax: 03 20 81 99 71